The Distillery

For the past 10 years we have been producing some of BC’s finest handmade spirits in our copper pot still under the name Victoria Spirits. To accommodate our growing business, in 2016, our distillery moved to a unique location on the Seaport Place waterfront of Sidney, BC. Our name too has changed. “Victoria Distillers” brings a new focus on our team as makers and collaborators, as well as highlighting the distillery as a destination.

This larger distillery facility opened its doors in May 2016.  It maximizes the opportunity to involve the local community and visitors in the experience of creating artisan spirits.  The project creates a regional focal point at a site that is unmatched anywhere in the province, in terms of both its natural setting and environmental sustainability.

The waterfront site houses two copper pot stills, which continue to produce our award-winning spirits.  The distillery is also a bustling centre for consumer education – through tours and tastings – and a site for collaboration, as the distilling team develop  and produce innovative spirits.

Call 250.544.8217 for more information or come for a visit to meet some of our fine staff pictured below

Victoria Distillers Production Teaser