Our Story

Well-crafted spirits are the essential building blocks of cocktails. At Victoria Distillers, these ‘liquid bar tools’ are made with one, pretty basic goal. We want people everywhere to be able to make great drinks.

We know bartenders are the cocktail experts. They understand that a great drink requires spirits that are singular and distinctive in taste. So we collaborate with incredibly talented mixologists to create both classic and innovative cocktail spirits, using the world’s best-tasting water (found right here on the Canadian west coast), and the best ingredients from around the world.

As one of Canada’s oldest, small-batch spirits companies, we’re influenced by history and driven by innovation. For us, there’s no other way.

What’s with the grid of 9 dots?

We’re inspired by the idea that, when there’s the right combination of spirits and ingredients, the possibilities for innovative cocktail production are virtually limitless. Since there are 9 main categories of spirits, we look upon this grid of 9 bottle tops as a reminder that we are creating the tools for innovative cocktailers everywhere.