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Social Responsibility

The world is a work in progress and so are we. As a company, we firmly believe in sustainability, anti-racism, inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance and these are values that guide our daily decisions. We recognize that there is always the ability, and the need, to do better and we are committed to continuing to listen, to learn, and to grow. As we learn more, we are committed to more thoroughly integrating these core values into our corporate fabric.

We recognize that this type of work is not something that is achieved overnight and is not work that ever ends. As a result, this page will change and evolve as we continue to learn.

In the immediate, we are committed to re-writing internal policies in consultation with diversity and inclusion advocates, safe space experts, and through ongoing dialogue with our diverse communities. We will be engaging Ren Navarro of Beer.Diversity, to help guide employee training, and to provide opportunities for open dialogue and learning among our team. We will reevaluate who we support and how we support, and we will take a thorough look at the events that we participate in to ensure that our values align. We are committed to looking for ways to expand our community, and we will actively reach out to welcome new members into it.

We will be sharing more in the coming weeks.

Be kind to one another.